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Errol Paulicpulle

Errol Paulicpulle

Errol Paulicpulle has been a Real Estate Salesperson since 1986 with both a Commercial and Resi-dential designation. Since joining Harvey Kalles in 1998, he has been a recipient of the Chairman's Club Award each year. With a strong belief in giving back, Errol is involved in the following organizations and charities:

Homeless in Toronto

Since 1994 Errol Has been a volunteer at Touchstone Youth Centre; working to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth.

Rotary Club
Since 2008, Errol Has been a member with Toronto Rotary Club, and is on both the International Services Committee and the Youth & Children's Services Committee.

After the 2004 Tsunami Errol travelled to Sri Lanka, paying his own expenses, to help rebuild and supply orphanages on the impoverished east coast.  Through the generosity of the Harvey Kalles Foundation, The agents and staff of Harvey Kalles Real Estate, The Toronto Rotary Club and it’s members, Errol’s clients, family and friends, he has raised enough money to supply them with computers, food, school supplies, toiletries, beds, bedding, and has paid for two new kitchens and a new shower room.  Errol is currently working on two projects; to get vocational training programs into the Orphanages and to build a washrooms for a rural school for 480 students.

Sri Lanka 2017 Fundraiser for 2017
Sri Lanka 2016  New Project with Sri Lanka orphans
Sri Lanka 2012 It's 9:00 am and the temperature is almost 95 degrees 

Sri Lanka  2010

These kids have not had a really good meal in a long time.  There is no spare cash in the Orphanage for such luxuries.

Sri Lanka 2008 In August 2008 Errol returned to Sri Lanka to continue his work on the Orphanages on the East cost of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka 2005 In June 2005 Errol travelled to Sri Lanka to help out with the Tsunami Relief Program. His journey there had a profound effect on him.